Welcome To My Moment’s Of Passion!

Hello and welcome to my blog page! Before reaching this stage of expressing my thoughts I went through many stages of sabotage!! Easier to do than actually write….right? Anyway for those who do not know, my name is Andrea, also known as “Queen of Alchemy”. I decided it’s time to let the world in to my moment’s of passion and share my thoughts and feelings on a range of topics that are very close to my heart. In return I just appreciate eyes of intrigue, minds of openness and if possible collaboration of change. Some things I publish you may not agree with and actually that’s fine!! Why? Well because no-one on this planet is perfect, and if we all agreed with each other on everything and had no diversity in mindset’s and creativity life would be pretty boring! So I intend without upsetting (I hope) to shake a few heads with disagreement! Gain a few supporters with some topics, and spread my freedom of speech around the world, and my gift of writing to those that accept me as I am!

So sit back, relax! Enjoy the read and leave comments if you wish!

Thank you in advance for visiting my blog page! x