Our Sister

Good Evening Ladies,

Just another thought provoking piece for today!!

As women although we are unique we are all very much alike! Although i promote and appreciate all the events of empowerment, motivation, and support of sisterhood, a question does sit in my mind. What about those women that don’t have the support of positive friendships, what if they are so isolated they are not exposed to empowerment events? What if they are so deprived of self love and care and value they cannot muster the courage to attend these events that may actually help them to be in a better place? Who helps and supports the women who are just glad to have survived another day of their heart beating, but cannot see there purpose in life. I mean yeah there is social media, for those who can access and seek it , for those who are surrounded with positive family and friends, but who touches the woman’s life, OUR SISTER who needs the empowerment the most?! How does she strive and get help?? A lot of the empowerment events are priced, and i understand that nothing in life is free, but i guess my concern is, if your gift to another is to smile, that costs nothing, if your gift to a sister is to empower her, then in what way are we reaching those that require the support to place high value on them-self without it costing? I know as women, at some point it is helpful to have a level of self motivation. But my biggest concern is for OUR SISTER who has none, how do we reach her? How do we encourage her to get out of the bed in the morning, take the kids to school, brush her hair, maintain self care, and ensure she strives to become a better her………how do we achieve that as women for OUR Sister, i say it because we all have one that needs that extra help and kindness.

Be Kind Queens to yourself and those around you.

Always Remain true to yourself.


Queen of Alchemy x

Procrastination Serves No Purpose!

So, this is my first ever blog, that I have PROCRASTINATED over for MONTH’S and well what I discovered is that it served absolutely no purpose to use my energy to procrastinate. The only thing it did was hold me back from myself. I guess the question I want to throw out there is why do we choose to? and do we realize the outcome of the action we so comfortably partake in?

One important matter I have been able to realize in the past few years is that TIME has it’s own mind. It neither waits for us, or gives us a second opportunity of LIFE or any actions we choose to take in between. So Why do we find every excuse under the sun to not just ACT on what makes our heart’s leap, and actually that makes you feel good. Imagine if the word and action didn’t exist…‚Ķimagine if we could only act impulsively without second guessing or finding a reason to NOT do something. World might be a little crazy right? But I think that’s a healthier way of living, especially if it’s for a good cause, other wise what we are left with is regret. Not a friend of mine, don’t agree with it, don’t think I ever will. I pride myself on being a risk taker, I hear a lot of people around me say, think wisely, or be rational, but some of the most successful people on the earth did not succeed by being rational, mediocre, or procrastinating. Instead idols of mine such as Will Smith, just Decided to work on his craft and is now in a very successful place in his life. Denzel Washington dropped out of school and pursued his acting career rather than going to the army. Maya Angelou did not procrastinate when it came to writing about “Why the caged bird sings” she just did it. I’m not saying it’s always an easy step to take to just act on what you have been wanting to do in so long, there is no age restriction on pursuing your dreams, but the TIME is NOW!!

Join me in telling PROCRASTINATION to take a seat, and watch yourself be empowered by the brave steps you choose to make!

Thank you for reading.

p.s Create your own magic, when you remove procrastination!!!

Queen of Alchemy x

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